What's in my bag?

Having a "to do" list and "things to take" list is a necessary part of planning everything. At least for me certainly. It doesn't matter if it's a festival or a boat trip - there is my little list with all I need. So I decided to share the list with things I consider important for a next year student who is going to live in a university dormitory or in a personal flat.

As we know sleep is the most favourite part of the day for every student even if not everyone gets a lot of it. But it's important to have a comfortable and a warm place where to rest after a long and restless day. What kind of things to take depends on the student campus - sometimes campus will provide you only with a bed, but sometimes it's possible to receive a pillow and a blanket. I'm a person who like to sleep in my own bed sheets and use my pillow, so I'm taking... everything. Maybe I will have a feeling that I'm closer to home. :) But consider taking these things with you:
  • pillow and pillowcases (yes, more than one!);
  • bed sheets;
  • blanket and a cover.
Oh, when I wrote about the sleep as the most important part of the day I forgot about food! It doesn't matter if you will cook or not, you should take some of these things with you (and don't forget about friends who will come to visit you):
  • plates (2 or 3);
  • bowls (for preparing and making food);
  • kitchen board;
  • knifes, forks, spoons;
  • grater;
  • mug/s;
  • kitchen towel/s.
These would be things for a person who is planning to make something simple not dreaming about becoming a real chef or pro, but if you're and adventurer when talking about food you should consider taking these things too:
  • baking tray or muffin/cake pan;
  • dishes for baking in oven;
  • blender set (it's possible to find great deals for small blender sets at hardware shops);
  • Bottle opener or corkscrew (for a wine person) - I read somewhere that you could become very popular by bringing these things with you :);
  • Some plastic containers to use for food storage (but you can easily buy these things when you've settled in).
I could continue to the morning, but if you are planning to rent a plane to deliver everything to your place, you could catch a kettle, boiling pot and a pan too, just in case :)

If you're a person who was really conscientious all school years, you will be surprised to see that all you need (paper, notebooks, pencils, pens and other things) you already have. But if not, you have a choice - buy all you need now or later. In univerity you will use the computer more than ever so don't be fanatic about cute notebooks and stuff - save money for other and more useful things. But if oldchool way of taking notes is better for you:
  • Notebooks;
  • A4 paper;
  • Writing equipment - pens, pencils, markers etc.;
  • Calculator (especially for students majoring in economics, finance, physics, math);
  • Daily/weekly planner;
  • Dictionary (!).
  • Hand and bath towels;
  • Sponge;
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste;
  • Cotton buds and pads;
  • Soap;
  • Shower gel;
  • Shampoo and if needed - conditioner;
  • Deodorant.
Of course there are things like cosmetic, perfume and other products, but it depends more on the person.

Making your room or flat homelike and cousy is quite important - you will not only feel like at home, but it will be more enjoyable to return at your new home every day. 
  • Photos - make photos of your friends, relatives or favourite things and affixe them to the wall or put in a photo frame/s.
  • Very handy is a cork board - you can use it for clipping some useful information, memorable items, quotes and photos. At home I have two of these and there is no free space on them, I can assure that they are really useful;
  • Clock with a loud alarm (if you are not already using mobile phone for this);
  • Desk lamp and maybe a clip lamp (very useful for reading in bed);
  • Small bin (but most likely you will buy this after you've arrived).
For most of the girls this would be the most favourite subject but it can easily cause headache too. This part is dedicated to my friend Liene, and I hope she will read it very carefully, because it's always a problem for her - bringing clothes suitable for all seasons!
  • For everyday -
    *normal AND casual clothes (these could be the same clothes you used to wear at highschool or a bit more casual) and also FORMAL clothes (if there's a school event or a job interview);
    *Socks (>1 pair!), underwear;
    *Comfortable shoes (sneakers, pumps), sport and formal shoes:
    *Coat or a jacket;
    *Autumn boots or winter boots(if you know you're not returning home until the winter);
  • Sport clothes, maybe swimwear (if planning to go to the pool);       
This modern century has definetely brought us a new trend - the importance of electronic in our life. Imagine yourself going to university without your laptop charger. You don't have an internet, virtual notebook and a useful friend for moments when getting bored. So be careful taking everything you will need, starting with:
  • Laptop (including bag/case, charger, headphones (you should really consider taking this if you have a roommate/flatmate), mouse);
  • Socket converter (!!) (for example, really important if going to UK);
  • Mobile phone and charger + USB;
  • Camera + charger + USB;
  • Hair dryer!
This section for the topic "what to take to university" I guess is the most important. So be sure to put in your bag these documents:
  • Passport;
  • Passport size photos (mostly for university stuff or country specific ID cards);
  • Medical insurance papers;
  • Documents necessary for your accomodation;
  • Bank card (+agreement and code card);
  • CV, references;
  • Exam certificate.
Be sure to contact the university, if there are other documents you should take with you!

I'm going to list items that I considered for personal use or just didn't include in any other section.
  • Nail care kit (scissors, nail file);
  • Hairbrush, hairbands;
  • Glasses or contacts (if necessary).
Finally I have listed almost everything you will need for a successful year living in dormitory or a flat. If you think that I'm crazy writing all this down, then it wasn't  that bad. A great way how to arrange all thoughts and put them on a virtual paper! You don't have to take with you everything that is listed here. If you're using plane to reach your destination than be really circumspect what things to put in your travel bag. That means you will have to buy a lot of items when you've arrived.
But, first of all, don't forget yourself at home! :)
Have a successful next year! 


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